Our mission is to offer a complete umbrella of services covering our integrated software solution. We handle all components of customer service for our software: in company staff training, on demand software customization, phone or web customer service, integration of our software with other available hardware and software, technical services for Windows Server systems.
Each of these elements is an essential key to the success of a software solution. We have an exceptionally qualified and experimented team of professional programmers to insure we give you the best possible service on the market.


Since the beginning of our business in 1981, our customers have had to opportunity to fully customize our software solution to the needs of their business. On request, our team of experimented programmers adapt and modify the software according to the ever changing reality of their company. This feature has allowed us to keep our software ever up to date and fully adapted to our customers’ needs.
Our new generation of web based software keeps the same features of flexibility and adaptation. Any module of Contal, Netrack and Transnet can be customized on demand according to your needs.



Contalitec Informatique Inc. offers a complete solution for customers whose operations require expertise in equipment, operating system, application language, database, and telecommunications. This knowledge is essential for trickier operations such as EDI data transfer or establishing a network with multiple communication points.
The use of Microsoft technology for both the operating system and the database offers increased flexibility in linking our software with our customers’ specialized software and equipment.



We are accredited by the Société Québécoise de Développement de la main-d’oeuvre, our staff can giving training to new users of our software. Training can either be provided at our customers’ office or at our own office in Boucherville. We also offer the extremely convenient option of distance training by video conference and screen sharing.
Our software has always been recognized for their ease of use and our new generation of software keeps this tradition going. A starter guide is handed to new customers for the accounting modules in order to minimize mistakes and maximize implementation time.

Customer service agents in a call center


Our customer support is based on an integrated approach. According to the situation, the customer service expert, the programmer or the technical support staff can work in collaboration to find an efficient solution to the issue. This integrated approach helps save valuable time for problem solving.
Thanks to communication technology, we are able to offer our software support through the Internet without a need to go over customer’s premises.