bigstock-Product-Warehousing-2474139Netrack is made specifically for dry or frozen goods warehousing. It is web optimized and groups together accounting, management and e-commerce. Netrack allows to manage multiple warehouses linked to a central server accessible from distance by the staff or by customers through a web link.
netrack-scanner Netrack offers the warehousing company an efficient solution for the accounting and management operations in real time with all the benefits of constantly up to date information throughout the day. It offers inventory management by pallet by location, location selection, product movement historical, real time on hand inventory, multiple option invoicing, only to name a few.
bigstock-Portrait-of-female-supervisor--39223408Data entry is possible by mobile devices such as tablet pc on wi-fi network with bar code readers. These work tools are fully integrated to software modules to improve user productivity and optimize warehouse occupation. Fork lifts with hand held computer with bar code reader allow operators to update data each step of their work.
netrack-forklift2Netrack e-commerce module allows warehousing customers to quickly access the delivery order menu, obtain inventory information, invoices, account statement in real time. This module can be personalized according to company specifications.