bigstock-Business-man-working-with-a-di-38542216Contal is a highly flexible software to manage activities of manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, service by contract or call, and rental of catering material, tools, recreational equipment and vehicles. These integrated management modules work in real time. Users can enjoy the most current information in the system. A dashboard is available for the manager to have an overview of the company finances.




The Manufacturing module offers different possibilites: product assembly with preset or custom models, products with recipes or formulas, schedule batch manufacturing, products with detailed job cost. We also offer serial number management, RMAs, guarantees with date control. Product traceability from raw material batch, finished product and sales invoice. Production order schedule. On demand links with time entry for payroll.




The Distributing module includes functions for wholesale distributing and retail commerce. Some examples: retail locations or multiple warehouses, multiple price levels per customer, order entry with customer purchase history, delivery preparation from multiple warehouses, foreign currency invoicing, cash invoicing with customer purchase history. A website access is available for transactionnal commerce and give accounting information to customers.




The Service module is a flexible tool for on call or contract service companies. It is also useful for a business who must manage maintenance and repair of manufacturing equipment or others. For maintenance service companies with technicians and vehicles on the road, we offer parts by vehicle inventory, technician call dispatch with automatic work order creation, equipment repair history, serial number by part control for guarantee, work order invoicing. A management module for technicians work schedule allows to follow each technician’s work stage in real time and to prepare his payroll timesheet.




The Rental module includes rental rate control, inventory by branch, rental quotation preparation, reservations, partial or total invoicing of contracts, periodical invoicing, equipment maintenance, amortization calculation, etc. It is used by businesses in different areas: tools, catering material, recreational equipment, cars and trucks, scaffolding, film equipment, and many more.



Retail Business

The Retail Business module is based on an integrated Point of Sales (POS) menu. It includes: daily sales management, bar code product entry, links with yard orders to complete in store purchases, mouseless intervention, General Legder update in real time, payment of charge account by customer through the cash register.