Contal is a fully integrated application for businesses in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, contract and on-call servicing, and tool and material rental. A module is also available for tire shops and car repair centers with single or multi branch operations.  Management applications are activated for the specific needs of each customer.

Contal is centered around four core modules: production, distribution, service and rental.

The Production module is designed for: products assembly based on models, products with  a formula, batch manufacturing according to a schedule, products with manufacturing costs controlled by activity and by expense category.

Features like product identification by serial number, product guarantee with expiry date control, technical support linked to the Service module, product tracking from raw materials to finished product to customer invoice complete this module which is fully integrated to Contal.

The Distribution module offers a flexible solution for wholesale and retail operations.

Features like multi stores or sales locations in real time mode, pricing by customer, order entry with customer sales history, preparation of an order with delivery slips from different locations, invoicing in foreign currencies, cash sales with customer sales history make this module a cery efficient tool. An Extranet access allows customers to check inventory, enter oders, see their invoices and check their account.

The Service module is usefull for internal operations where servicing is required on equipment: and for businesses involved in contract or on-call service.

Inventory by vehicle, call dispatch to technicians with automatic opening of work-order, history of repairs on each part of an equipment, control aof serial numbers by part for guarantee coverage, invoicing of work-order are important features. For contract or on-call service, multiple locations by customer, equipments by location and planning of calls by technician are added management tools.

The Rental module includes rates for rental by equipment, preparation of rental quotations, reservation of tools and equipments, partial or final invoicing of a contract, addition of equipment to a contract, periodical invoicing, equipment maintenance, depreciation schedule by equipment, etc

Many type of rental businesses can use our Rental solution: tools and equipment, party material, vehicle,  heavy equipment, containers, trailers.